the Board of Directors


Meaghan Douglas

Treasurer—Meaghan has been on the Board of Directors since 2016, and is  host of Into the Wild. Meaghan comes to meetings well prepared with financial statements and answers. An undergraduate of UVIC with a Bachelor's of Commerce degree (with distinction), Meaghan's background in finance and wealth management makes her an asset to our team. She also holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Personal Financial Planner (PFP) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designations. Meaghan looks forward to her second term.


Nolan Duke

Secretary of the Board of Directors for the last year, and a member of the board since 2016, Nolan hopes to continue our ongoing work as a board to renew our relationship with the university to increase student involvement. Nolan is a valued member of our team and 3rd-year student at VIU. He looks forward to serving a two more years as a student member.


Caleb McIntyre


Sandeep Chauhan



Tanis Dagert

VIU Administrative Rep & Member at Large—Like Robin, Tanis has served on the Board of directors since early 2017 as the appointed Admin Representative. Tanis works at VIU as the Community Liason Officer in Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity. Tanis has been instrumental in making positive connections for CHLY on campus, helping to find funding for work-study students for the VIU Library Booth, a project started to lower barriers to participation for student members. Tanis has BA from Simon Fraser University and a MEd in Rural/Community Education from James Cook University.

Cole Schisler



Robin Davies

VIU Faculty Representative & Member at Large—Has served on the Board of Directors since early 2017 as the appointed Faculty Representative for VIU where he works in the Department of Media Studies. Robin holds a Bachelor of Music and MA from McGill University. His interests include the utilization of the human voice in auditory storytelling, sound design for visual art, the construction and use of software-based musical instruments for live electronic music performance, and helping others embrace technology for use in their creative endeavours. 

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