Election Advertising.

Interested in advertising with CHLY for the 2018 Local Election? CHLY offers fair and very competitive pricing for advertising to its listeners. CHLY broadcasts from Nanaimo to the lower Comox Valley, upper Cowichan Valley, southern Sunshine Coast, parts of Vancouver, as well as the northern Gulf Islands.

CHLY is currently offering 30 second ($12/play), and 45 second ($13/play) ad slots to candidates. The more plays you purchase, the better volume discount you get.

All campaign advertising must include the name of the Financial Agent of candidate as well contact information (a BC phone number, or BC mailing address or email address at which the financial agent can be contacted). More information can be fore at Elections BC

EG: Authorized by Susan Wong, electsusan@campaign.ca

Election advertising must comply with Elections BC rules. CHLY abides by these rules, and will not air advertising that does not comply.

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