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Listener Un-Drive 2019.

Location: Our Broadcast Community on the Salish Sea.
Time: From June 13th—July11th.

Hey friend. This is Jesse Woodward, Executive Director at CHLY 101.7FM. This June & July, we're doing things differently with our first Listener Un-Drive. Instead of our hosts pitching for support, we're asking you the listener to pitch for us instead!

We want you to call our Un-Drive line at (250) 740-1017 and tell us why you love CHLY, and why listeners should support us with a $5/month sustaining donation. Through 2019 and 2020, we want to increase our monthly sustaining donor base from 100 to 1000 sustaining donors. You could be one of those people who help us get there!

We want to raise a total of $30,000 this 2019, and your support will make that happen. We have big goals for the future with CHLY, and we can only do that if we have your financial support.

When you're done recording a message, consider signing up for a sustaining donation at $5/month, and receive an awesome cotton tote bag to rep the station. Call the office line at (250) 716 3410 to donate over the phone.

Love, Listen, CHLY 101.7FM, listener supported.

Jesse Woodward
Executive Director.
CHLY 101.7FM