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Summer Radio Camps for Kids!


Don't miss out on this awesome Summer Camp for Kids! These three affordable camps are quickly filling up! For more information and to register go to

Parents looking for a fun learning environment for their kids this summer will be happy to know that CHLY 101.7FM, Nanaimo's campus-community radio station is hosting a Summer Radio and Media Camp for kids. Some of the program content the kids create at the camp will even make its way onto the airwaves! Each camp will be supervised by our Summer Radio Camp Coordinator James Kasper, our Summer Station Assistant, our Program Coordinator Arbie Fru, and Summer Station Assistant Kaylie Russell. This camp is ideal for kids ages 10-14, but keen kids ages 9 or 15 can also be registered.

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James Kasper
Summer Camp Coordinator.
CHLY 101.7FM