We're hiring a Mariner Sports Collective Coordinator.



CHLY 101.7 FM is the broadcasting voice of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island University students. Beginning as a student club in 1994, and gaining not-for-profit status in 1997 as the Radio Malaspina Society, CHLY was approved for a broadcast licence by the CRTC in 2001 and went to air October of that year.

CHLY is currently a community based, campus-community radio station, with a small staff and over 60+ volunteers made up of Community Members and Student members from VIU’s Nanaimo Campus. CHLY offers alternative coverage of every genre and perspective, with a mandate to support niche programming, local and Canadian artists and underrepresented voices. Each week, locally produced and syndicated programs are broadcast on CHLY 101.7fm in four different languages, with live streaming and podcasts at chly.ca.

The Mariner Sports Coordinator will work to recruit and build a student sports news team at CHLY to produce—in collaboration with the News Collective—daily one minute sports news updates for CHLY and a weekly half hour to one hour radio news magazine. They will also be responsible for liaising with the Navigator Newspaper to help highlight any Mariner Sports coverage that they have been doing.


As the Mariner Sports Coordinator you are the Senior Host and Producer, your job will be to help build this new—yet to be named—show on CHLY. You will help to recruit student volunteers to share hosting, production, and research responsibilities. This show, with support from core staff and the News Collective, will write daily Mariners Sports news updates for CHLY’s daily news update, but also a weekly pre-recorded Mariners Sports show focused on the Mariner Sports teams of VIU. The Mariner’s Sports Collective may also participate in the Music Collectives VIU Meter show for a guest spot.

You will work with your team to report, document, create stories, conduct interviews and more. Your team will be responsible for building contacts with Mariners Sports for interviews and guest sports on your show.

The applicant will work with a small team in a non-profit broadcasting environment to:

  • Take a leadership role in the creation of the Mariner Sports Collective, contribute Mariner’s Sports content to the News Collective's daily news updates, and act as Senior Host and Producer of a weekly Mariner’ show;

  • Actively recruit VIU students with an interest in news and sports journalism to the Mariner Sports to participate in the to be named show and other activities of the Mariner’s Sports Collective.

  • Where possible actively promote the participation of upper level students with an interest in sports journalism via self directed studies;

  • Help with community and campus outreach, ie: tabling at events on campus and in the community to promote the station;

  • Help Mariner Sports Collective members in the creation of stories for the show;

  • Work with Mariner Sports Collective members to report on VIU Mariners Sports news and events;

  • Help Mariner Sports Collective members in the creation of 3-4 written pieces for the CHLY website per semester;

  • Ensure with the Executive Director that Mariner Sports Collective members have filled in Volunteer Applications, signed Volunteer Agreements, and Program Agreements;

  • Work to develop an ongoing positive relationship with VIU’s English, Publishing, Creative Writing, Journalism departments/classes, with a goal to see participation in the collective be part of coursework;

  • Work to develop an ongoing positive relationship with VIU’s Mariners Sports teams, physical recreation programs, and faculty, with a goal to see participation in the collective be part of coursework;

  • Delegate and schedule, when necessary, duties to Mariner Sports Collective members: ie: co-host, producer, researcher, social media coordination, etc;

  • Assist the Executive Director in writing guidelines and frameworks for future Student Collectives at CHLY;

  • Work with the Executive Director, and other Collective Coordinators in writing volunteer job descriptions for Student Collective Collective members and future Collective Coordinators;

  • Work with the Music Collective Coordinator, in selecting music for the to be named Mariner’s Sports Show;

  • Notify the Program Coordinator and Executive Director when no new show is ready for it’s time slot;

  • Assist in the training of new Mariner Sports Collective members;

  • Assist in CHLY’s Fall Fund Drive, and Spring Listener Un-Drive to help raise money for the station, and future funding of the Student Coordinator Positions post grant funding;

  • Assist staff with social media to promote the station’s shows, programs, and activities. EG: sharing the CHLY Song of the Day from the !earshot Top 50 Charts, promotion of your show, highlights, and other CHLY posts, etc;

  • Assist in and/or take a leadership role in the creation of show collectives for Vancouver Island University Students and volunteers. Writing guidelines, frameworks, job descriptions for volunteers and collective coordinators;

  • Assist in the creation of marketing materials to help promote the station at the VIU campus and in the broadcast range (Comox Valley to Cowichan Valley + Southern Sunshine Coast). EG: Taking photos of your own collectives at work, etc.

  • Organize their student media collective on Basecamp;

  • Other duties related to the overall Student Collective Project as required and discussed with the Executive Director.


The ideal candidate will be motivated, creative and organized. Experience and involvement with Mariner Sports, student groups on campus or community organizations is an asset. The successful candidate will ideally have experience or interest in broadcasting, online and print journalism, conducting research, interviewing and working with volunteers. A proven ability to work with diverse communities is an asset.

The applicant ideally will:

  • Be pursuing an education in Physical Education, Broadcasting, Media Studies, a related field, or has displayed a keen interest in CHLY 101.7FM;

  • Be passionate about, have experience with campus-community or public radio;

  • Have audio production skills (hardware and software);

  • Demonstrate professional oral, written, digital, and interpersonal communication skills;

  • Have excellent organizational and time-management skills;

  • Have experience in working with and leading others. Management skills are a bonus;

  • Be a Vancouver Island University student.


  • Will report to the Executive Director and Program Coordinator of CHLY and receive mentoring and direction from them and other staff;

  • The Program Coordinator and select station volunteers will provide on-site, hands on training on station equipment;

  • Will work collaboratively with other Student Collective Coordinators.

Compensation: Rate of pay is $15.00/hr based on 8 hours/week for a total of 300 hours (8 months).

Send resume with cover letter by August 21st, 2019 to: jesse.woodward@chly.ca CC: tanis.dagert@viu.ca, Subject line: CHLY Hiring Committee—Mariner Sports Collective Coordinator.

Official start date: September 3rd 2019.

Official end date: April 30th 2019.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. CHLY is an equal opportunity employer that encourages applicants from underrepresented groups.