15 Second Sponsorship.

15 Second Sponsorship.

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You get a 15-second sponsorship mention with CHLY. We tell the listener who you are, what you do, what you want them to do and where they can find you. Whatever we can fit in 15 seconds! You can also take part in the sponsorship mention yourself and comment on why you support CHLY 101.7FM. Sponsorship ads can be fun and off the cuff, or a little more refined and edited.

Sponsorships can be attached to a specific show, or to the station in general.

Example: "CHLY is sponsored by the Fabulous John's Donuts, at 120 Commercial Street. Make an order at 250-555-5555 or go to www.fabjohns donuts.ca! John, tell us why you support CHLY: 'Because CHLY supports the small business community that we all need for a thriving city!'"

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