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Help CHLY staff create a show page for you. If you already have a show page, please use this form to update what you already have online! Listeners come to our page pretty frequently to find information about the shows we broadcast, so help us improve our website.

If you’re having any issue with the form below, contact

Name *
I want a contact form for listeners to contact me through.
This makes it relatively easy for people to make requests via email, or contact you for interviews, etc.
Please list the names of any regular co-hosts, producers, researchers, interviewers, etc that you might have on your show. Please include names, email, and phone number (This is for our internal records), and to ensure that we have volunteer agreements for all CHLY contributors.
Plus your team if you aren't flying solo! Alternatively, if you don't feel comfortable with your photo, a show logo is fine. If you don't have a show logo, or you want to send the photo to us directly, contact Executive Coordinator
While we are pursuing hiring a Podcast Coordinator, I know some of you already host your shows via Mixcloud. Send us a link if you have one.
If you do that kind of thing. Which you should, because it increases the visibility of your show!