Submit a SHow Proposal

First things first

Interested in taking a lead on hosting a show? Are you a member (If you're attending Vancouver Island University you're a student member)? Did you fill in the volunteer application?


Throughout the year, CHLY takes program proposals from volunteers for consideration. If you're interested in having a show on CHLY, you must fill in a proposal.

The Program Committee, working with the Program Director (Or Operations Manager if no Program Director is currently employed or volunteering) review all proposals. We try our best to get back to all applicants in a timely manner, but volunteer time is always at a premium. To improve your chances of having your show approved, the following is highly recommended of all applicants.

  • Volunteer some time in the station office.
  • Have at least one co-host, if not a team behind your show; eg: Hosts, researchers, producers, interviewers, etc.
  • Attend a training workshop.
  • Sit in on a show currently airing. Get a feel for what it's like to be in the booth while on-air.