Submit a SHow Proposal

First things first

  1. Are you a memberVancouver Island University students are considered student members. Non-student community members must pay an annual $20 membership fee. This fee does not guarantee air-time as a volunteer programmer.

  2. Did you fill in the volunteer application? You must do this first, and be accepted as a volunteer.

  3. Proceed if the above are done.


Throughout the year, CHLY takes program proposals from volunteers for consideration. If you're interested in having a show on CHLY, you must fill in a proposal.

The Program Coordinator (Or Executive Coordinator if no Program Coordinator is currently employed or volunteering) reviews all proposals. We try our best to get back to all applicants in a timely manner, but volunteer time is always at a premium. To improve your chances of having your show approved, the following is highly recommended of all applicants.

  • Volunteer some time in the station office so that staff can get to know you.

  • Have at least one co-host, if not a team behind your show; eg: Hosts, researchers, producers, interviewers, etc.

  • Attend a training workshop.

  • Sit in on a show currently airing. Get a feel for what it's like to be in the booth while on-air.