This is a quick example of the iframe spinitron integration.

The following code is used, inside a code block dragged off to the side:

<iframe height=500 src="https://widgets.spinitron.com/widget/now-playing-v2?station=chly&num=5"></iframe>

Note that the height parameter may need adjustment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like it can be automatically adjusted depending on the height of the content.

We might want to use custom CSS for bringing the look of the widget in line with the page style.

I’ll give the JavaScript embedding method a shot. However, I’m not so sure how it’ll play with SquareSpace.

This is a sample of the JavaScript based widget.

It’s very similar to the iframe version. Just add a code block, and throw

<div data-station="CHLY" data-action="now-playing-v2" class="spinitron-js-widget" data-num="5"></div>
<script async src="//spinitron.com/static/js/widget.js"></script>

in there.

Block of text to ensure that the JS widget and everything is reflowing properly, and changes to height don’t mess up other page content.