Staff AT CHLY 101.7FM


Jesse Woodward

Executive Coordinator — Hired in 2018, Jesse is responsible for all administrative aspects of CHLY and the Radio Malaspina Society. Jesse writes grants, coordinates fundraising, handles communication, and is responsible for overseeing all staff and volunteers at CHLY. Previous to working at CHLY, Jesse sat as Board of Directors President from 2014 to 2018, and one year as Treasurer from 2013 to 2014. Outside of his duties at CHLY, he works as a freelance Communications Designer. His musical tastes are eclectic, he enjoys good beer and good coffee, and he rides his bike everywhere.


Arbie Fru

Program Coordinator — Arbie is responsible for on-air and technical aspects at CHLY. As Program Coordinator, Arbie reviews program proposals for approval with Jesse. He also handles day-to-day trafficking of all on-air programming: shows, public service announcements, advertising, station IDs, etc. Arbie first started at CHLY as its volunteer Music Coordinator and enjoys jazz.


James Kasper

Workshop & Summer Camp Coordinator — As of November 1, 2018, James Kasper has been hired on a one-year contract as part of CHLY’s 2018/2019 Community Radio Fund of Canada project. This project will pass on radio broadcasting training and knowledge to community members and students, through workshops and a 2019 summer camp. James earned his broadcasting diploma from Western Academy (Saskatoon) in 2010, and he specializes in writing, voicing, and editing for radio. James is also a singer-songwriter and recording artist.

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