Submit a SHow Proposal

First things first:

  1. Are you a memberVancouver Island University students are considered student members. Non-student community members must pay an annual $20 membership fee. This fee does not guarantee air-time as a volunteer programmer.

  2. Did you fill in the volunteer application? You must do this first. Show proposals will only be reviewed if you are approved as a volunteer—but you may submit a show proposal prior to being approved to volunteer.

  3. Proceed only if you are a member, and you have submitted a volunteer application.

The Program Coordinator (Or Executive Coordinator if no Program Coordinator is currently employed or volunteering) reviews all proposals. We try our best to get back to all applicants in a timely manner, but staff time is always at a premium. To improve your chances of having your show approved, the following is highly recommended of all applicants.

  • Volunteer some time in the station office so that staff can get to know you.

  • Have at least one co-host, if not a team behind your show; eg: Hosts, researchers, producers, interviewers, etc.

  • Attend a training workshop.

  • Sit in on a show currently airing. Get a feel for what it's like to be in the booth while on-air.

Show proposal form

Name *
Phone *
Is your phone a mobile? *
Are you a member of the Radio Malaspina Society? *
If you attend VIU, you are a student member. If you do not attend VIU you are a community member and must pay the membership fee (currently $20/year). You can do this at or by opting in to have your monthly sustaining donation ($5-20/month) pay your membership fee at
Are you an approved volunteer? *
Program Proposals may be submitted by those who have completed and submitted a volunteer application. Submitted program proposals will only be reviewed once a person is approved for volunteering by the Executive Coordinator.
Pick something easy to say repeatedly on air.
Give an outline of what your typical show would be about. Is it a music show? Are you covering local news and current affairs? Is it regarding a specific topic? Would you do interviews? The better your description, the better your program will be. Have you any desire to podcast your show?
Is this show built around a team of people?
It is highly recommended that you work with at least a co-host on your show. Shows made up of more than one individual prevent volunteer burnout, tend to be higher quality, and allow you to do more! Spread that work around and have a host, co-host, producer, podcast editor, researcher, or dedicated interviewer. We recommend to students that you base your team around a campus club, a class project, a department, or collective of like-minded students. We recommend to community members that your team be built around a community organization or a group of like-minded members.
If built around a team of people, how many will be involved?
Estimate if you don't have exact numbers.
Are your teammates (co-hosts, co-producers, researchers, interviewers) also volunteers? *
Please ensure they fill out a volunteer application so that we have their contact information on file.
Do you have any VIU staff or faculty involved in your show? *
Will this program be live, or pre-recorded? *
How long would you like the program to be? *
We recommend a show length of half an hour, to one hour for new volunteers. In some circumstances, two hours may be granted if your show is primarily music focused.