Thank you for your support in 2018.

While we are setting up our donation page for 2019, we will not be accepting donations. If you would like to make a donation, please contact for the time being.

Why monthly sustaining donations?

  • Because they are more convenient and way easier to commit to than a lump sum one-time donation.

  • You make a regular sustaining impact at CHLY that allows us to grow, improve and better serve our listeners, student body and community.

  • Because you get automatic and exclusive entry to special ticket giveaways for shows in Nanaimo and festivals on the coast.

  • Because we have awesome giving incentives + prizes to give away specifically for this Fall Fund Drive.

What we want to do with that money:

  • Set the groundwork for hiring a Podcast Coordinator in 2019 if not sooner. This is above and beyond one of the most important hires we need to make in order to deliver our shows to our listeners. You sadly can’t always be listening to CHLY 24/7.

  • Some time in 2019, we’d like to hire a part time Music Coordinator and News Coordinator.

  • Put us in a position to build up a strategic fund for future opportunities, like a new home for the station in the next 2-5 years.

  • Raise current core staff up to full time hours. We can only afford part time hours for most of our staff right now.

  • Hire more students. We are a campus community radio station after all.

  • Purchase remote broadcast equipment for live events and festivals.

  • Potentially explore other content delivery options like video live streaming for shows.

  • Organize more events on the campus at VIU, in Nanaimo and broadcast community.

  • Send our staff and volunteers to future NCRA conference for training workshops.

  • Ongoing financial security for CHLY! Because local media matters in a world of #fakenews

What we HAVE DONE with that money in 2017 + 2018:

  • Hired an Executive Coordinator at a living wage to administer CHLY, and gave our Program Coordinator a well deserved raise to a living wage. We also hired a student as a Station Assistant over the summer.

  • Purchased six sets of SONY MDR-7506 Professional Dynamic Studio Headphones for our recording booth and recording interviews in the field.

  • Purchased six ZOOM H1n Handy Records for our staff, volunteers, and future Summer Radio Camp for Youths (coming summer 2019)!

  • Replaced our professional grade CD decks for the studio. These things are getting harder to find!

  • Replaced our studio computer after it died over the summer of 2018. Long live the new studio computer.

  • Purchased an external sound card for the new studio computer.

  • Upgraded our logging system to Spinitron for more accurate logging and tracking. Spinitron also makes it way possible for you to know what you’re listening to while streaming us online! Radio Rethink’s Airpocket Player makes this possible.