Enjoy our soundwaves!

What was I listening to?

CHLY uses a service called Spinitron to assist in logging what we play to make it easier for you the listener to know what you are listening to online. For those who listen over the radio, it also gives our listeners the ability to easily look up past playlists of their favourite shows to figure out what “that song was”. If you want to dig in and find the song yourself, click the link below. Shows that display green on the calendar have logs for music, while those that are display blue do not.

Listening online

We recently switched from Shoutcast to Icecast, and the stream should work on all devices.
Please contact Arbie if you have any issues. We're doing our best to ensure that all are served.

Old school options:

 Listen to CHLY's audio stream

Alternate option

Or TuneIn Radio on desktop or mobile