New for VIU Students in 2019:
Join a Student Collective!

Music Collective.

Join Senior host and producer Kaylie Russel on our 3PM Monday to Friday student-driven music show! We’re looking for students that are musically obsessed with an eclectic taste in what’s new and what’s interesting in independent music from Canada and abroad! A mix of indie rock, pop, hiphop, electronic and more, this is the ideal show for students to get their feet wet as a co-host at CHLY. Learn to conduct interviews with local and touring musicians, edit and produce pre-recorded segments, and help with keeping our music library up to date with the best new independent music!

News and Current Affairs Collective.

Interested in journalism? Lead by Mathew Hoffman, the News and Current Affairs Collective researches, writes, and produces CHLY’s daily news updates, and a one hour weekly news show dedicated to review the news items of the week. A great collective to join if you have any interest in pursuing a future in journalism.

Indigenous Collective.

Indigenous Resurgence. Reconciliation. Do these terms mean something to you? Join Cassandra Burt for this one hour show dedicated to the indigenous.

Mariners Sports Collective.

Maya Redlick takes a lead with covering what’s happening with the Mariners and recreation at VIU. Pre-game and post-game chat, commentary and interview, tune in to hear interviews with VIU athletes & coaches, and commentary from the hosts. Learn about what’s happening in badminton, basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, rugby, baseball, and recreation at VIU.

International Collective.

VIU attracts students from all around the world, and CHLY for the last few years has provided a platform to hear their voices and their favourite music. Host Constanza Crucil leads the International Collective for 2019-2020 hosting WorldVIU Radio to bring music and stories from all around the globe to the listener.


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Volunteer Opportunities

Sometimes there are specific jobs that we need to fill with a volunteer. These will be listed here in the future.