Volunteer Application

All volunteers must first fill in an application and be approved by the Executive Coordinator or Volunteer Coordinator before they can volunteer duties.

Policy to read: https://www.chly.ca/bylaws-policies

Code of conduct: https://www.chly.ca/s/Code-of-Conduct-January-2016.pdf

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Are you a member of the Radio Malaspina Society? *
If you attend VIU, you are a student member. If you do not attend VIU you are a community member and must pay the membership fee (currently $20/year). You can do this at www.chly.ca/membership or by opting in to have your monthly sustaining donation ($5-20/month) pay your membership fee at www.chly.ca/donate. Please note if you are a VIU alumnus.
Sign me up for the CHLY newsletter.
All active volunteers are required to be subscribed to the newsletter and will receive some volunteer related email. If you would like to receive an email regarding general CHLY news, please select yes.
I have read the CHLY Code of Conduct.
and I understand that I am bound by it as a member and volunteer. See policy link below form: https://www.chly.ca/s/Code-of-Conduct-January-2016.pdf
What Days of the Week? *
What days are you available?
Give us an idea of the time you can be in.
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Tell us how you want to get involved.
Give us an idea of your level of experience in the above. If you checked something off that you have no experience in, please specify why you want to be involved with that.
CHLY requires references from its volunteers. References will only be contacted after a volunteer interview. Please give us three or more character or work references. We accept multiple references from university professor/instructors/admin from VIU (or other institutions), current or past employers (or supervisors). We will accept one reference from a family member, friend, well-known member of the community, or established volunteer at CHLY.
Photo ID. *
I understand that I will be required to submit a government-issued photo ID to be scanned and held privately in my volunteer file.
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If you have them,

Submitting a show proposal?

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Volunteer Opportunities

Sometimes there are specific jobs that we need to fill with a volunteer. These will be listed here in the future.