Spring Fund Drive 2017.

Hello listeners. 

It's that time of year again for CHLY 101.7FM, our annual on-air spring fund drive.

If everything goes according to plan with your help it will be our ONLY on-air fund drive for 2017 with us reaching our goal of $20,000+ dollars out of our $40,000 goal for the year.

How can I help make this happen?

The absolute best way to support CHLY is become a sustaining donor. That's a recurring donation of anywhere between $5 to $50 dollars a month, and it allows CHLY to have the regular cashflow it needs to operate, and make plans for future projects for CHLY. 

The second best way is to make a one-time donation. It can be as low as $5, but we've had donations as high as $1000 in the past. 

All donations come with special incentives, cotton tote bags, shirts, hoodies, friends of CHLY cards, prize draw entries, etc.

Not only can you make a donation yourself, but you can also ask your friends to make a donation. Spread the word—show and tell your friends who much you love CHLY.

Lastly, you can become a member for $20 a year. Membership is required of all those interested in volunteering with CHLY, and having a show. It also gives you a vote at our Annual General Meeting, and any Special General Meetings we may have. We recommend setting up automatic renewal for your membership.

But what does my donation do?

Your donation pays for the day-to-day costs of keeping CHLY operating, improvements to the station and studio, as well as funding our on and off air projects. Without your donation, CHLY would not be possible no matter how hard our volunteers worked. 

What does my donation get me?

Your donation gets you access to some nice CHLY swag, as well as entries into our Fund Drive prize draw. If you care not for material possessions, you can decline the incentive swag or prize draw, comfortable in the knowledge that all your donation dollars go towards supporting our station and mission. 

We can hit our goal if we work together.


-Jesse Woodward, President—Radio Malaspina Society.