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Mar. 1, 2018 -  Arbie Fru

Mar. 1, 2018 - Arbie Fru

We are currently looking to hire an Executive Coordinator for a one year term to oversee the overall administration, programming, communication, outreach and fundraising aspects of the society. (The position may be extended based on performance and funding).

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree and / or equivalent work experience, ideally in Broadcasting, Media Studies, Business or a related field.

  • Passionate about / experience with campus / community (public) radio; audio production skills (hardware and software).

  • Professional oral, written, digital, and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.

  • Staff and volunteer management experience.

  • Experience with community organizations, independent media, and social media.  

Major responsibilities:

  1. Administer the Society: Work with, report to and receive direction from the Board of Directors including: comply with the bylaws and constitution of the society (including coordination of monthly meetings,  AGM, annual financial audit and filing with BC Registry); follow the purpose and core values of the organization including CRTC rules and regulations pertaining to campus/ community radio; establish and implement the Strategic Plan (vision, goals, areas of focus, and projects); establish and implement, policies, procedures, and guidelines; keep the organization on budget and oversee all revenue and expenses.

  2. Oversee Staff and Volunteers: Work closely with the Operations Manager and be responsible for, oversee, and work with other Staff as hired. Coordinate, recruit and train staff and volunteers with a focus on quality and content. Report to and advise Board on personnel matters.

  3. Oversee Fundraising Activities: Coordinate fundraising, donor retention, ad sales and other activities aimed at sustaining/ increasing the financial health of society (e.g. student activity fee increase campaign, fund drives, ‘Friends with Benefits’ program, grant proposals etc.)

  4. Liaise with Key Stakeholders: Including VIU administration, faculty, departments, student union, student newspaper, campus clubs as well as other campus / community radio stations, local organizations and businesses etc.

  5. Communications and Outreach: maintain and update CHLY's online presence; regular communications with CHLY staff, Board; volunteers, and supporters; plan and implement special events to increase community awareness and engagement.

Compensation: Rate of pay is $17.50/hr based on 24 hours/ week ($420 weekly) and includes 2 weeks paid vacation.

Send resume with cover letter by Tuesday March 20th, 2018 to: Subject: CHLY Hiring Committee

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. CHLY is an equal opportunity employer.

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Arbie Fru