You Might Know Me.

Jesse Woodward.

Jesse Woodward.

Hello Listeners.

On April the 24th, I was offered by the Board of Directors of the Radio Malaspina Society a position with CHLY 101.7FM as Executive Coordinator. I have accepted this position and have resigned from the board as its President. While I will miss my former role, I am incredibly excited about my new role moving forward.

So what does this mean? This means I will continue with a lot of the work I've already been doing as a volunteer, beyond my previous role as President, but I will be doing more. I will be head of the staff at CHLY, overseeing staff and volunteers, in charge of fundraising activities, liaising with stakeholders in the community, and be responsible for communications and outreach for the station and society.

It's a part-time position right now, but I am happy to put the time in to see it grow in scope as we work to increase funding at CHLY to hire other important positions. My next goal: hire a News Director to bring daily local news content to our listeners and readers, as well as hire a Podcast/Music Coordinator to ensure that our shows are podcasted and up for listeners to enjoy.

I look forward to the possibilities that the future will bring to CHLY with the support of the community and coast I love.

I have so much to learn, and that excites me.


Jesse Woodward
Executive Coordinator
Radio Malaspina Society
CHLY 101.7FM

PS: if you have anything you wish to discuss, please email me directly by replying to this email. My new email is, but I can also be reached at Until the board elects a new President, please email the board via Nolan Duke at, until further notice.