Fall Fund Drive 2017.


Fall Fund Drive 2017 starts Monday October 16th

As is traditional with CHLY, we're coming up to our annual fall fund drive. We had hoped to move to one annual fund drive with our spring fund drive earlier this year, but we didn't quite get to our goal of $20,000. On a positive note, we did manage to increase our sustaining donations from $4,200 a year to $6,800 a year, with additional one time donations on top of that.

We also got our donors some pretty awesome incentive items, that will once again be available to sustaining donors, and one time donors at varying price points. We've received very positive feedback regarding our new totes, shirts, and hoodies, and look forward to improving our incentive program with every fund drive!


We're aiming once again to raise $20,000 for the year of 2017. Starting from where we left off with the Spring Fund Drive around $10,000, we only need to raise another $10,000+ to succeed in that goal. We aim to do this by raising another $416/month in sustaining donations, and $5000 in one time donations.


Your donation pays for the day-to-day costs of keeping CHLY operating, improvements to the station and studio, as well as funding our on and off-air projects. Without your donation, CHLY would not be possible no matter how hard our volunteers and staff worked. 


  • Buy remote broadcast equipment so we can live broadcast from the VIU Library Booth improving access to CHLY for students, as well as broadcast from festivals, live shows and other events.

  • Buy additional microphones for our on-air booth. Three ain't working for us.

  • Buy new Zoom handheld microphones for interviews on the street.

  • Hire additional staff to coordinate student and community volunteers, develop and improve programming and help make CHLY even better.

  • Bank money for a new long-term home for CHLY.


Because they're far more reliable on a year to year basis, making it easier to plan our financial year and they're a heck of a lot easier for donors to commit to than a larger lump sum. We care about making it easier for you! That said, you can still elect to make a one-time donation using the form at the very bottom of this page.


Volunteer with us by filling in a volunteer agreement, and emailing donate@chly.ca to help on our fund drive working group. You'll help us by:

  1. Phoning past donors and members to sign them up to donate

  2. Writing emails for our fund drive

  3. Writing press releases to help spread the word.

  4. Process donations.

  5. Spreading news of our fund drive far and wide online on social media.

  6. Having a lot of fun with us.


  1. Call us at (250) 716-3410 to make a one-time donation over the phone with a credit card or debit card using Square.

  2. Pay in cash, credit or cheque at the station during office hours.
    (MON–FRI, 9AM–2PM)

  3. Mail a cheque, or a years worth of post-dated cheques to:
    CHLY 101.7FM / Radio Malaspina Society
    #2, 34 Victoria Cres
    Nanaimo BC V9R 5B8

    NOTE: Cheques must be made out to the Radio Malaspina Society. Please include your first name, last name, home address email address and phone number.


All incentives items are ordered upon one month after the completion of the fund drive, ready to be shipped or picked up for December. All monthly donations get you a special 'People of CHLY' pin as well as a 'Friends of CHLY' card (coming fall-winter 2017), which will get you access to discounts and/or special offers from Supporting Partners of CHLY. 

$5/month ($60 ONETIME)OUR NEW COTTON tote

Your donation gets you our fancy new tote. Show off how much you support independent media while you shop for groceries at your local farmers market or grocery store of choice.

$10/month ($120 ONETIME)—OUR NEW CHLY T-SHIRT (or baseball TEE)

Your donation gets you a fresh new CHLY t-shirt with our new logo on the front. In the spring, we went with a heather grey, dark slate grey, and red sleeved baseball tee . Keep up your sustaining donation and in 2018 we will be introducing limited edition art t-shirts by local artists.

$15/month ($180 ONETIME)—Our NEW CHLY Hoodie.

Your donation gets you a fleecy American Apparel zip hoodie with a little CHLY logo on the front chest, and a big CHLY logo on the back. Comes in dark slate grey.

$15/month ($180 ONETIME)OUR NEW CHLY T-SHIRT + Tote Bag

Your donation gets you both a aforementioned shirt or baseball tee, as well as a tote to carry it in.

$20/month($240 ONETIME)—The Double Combo

Your donation gets you the new hoody and a tote to carry it in. 

$30/month ($350 ONETIME)—The Triple Combo

Get the hoody, the shirt, the tote, pins, stickers, and maybe more.

$50/month ($600 oneTime)—Royale with Cheese

Get the hoody, the shirt, tote, pins, stickers, and EVERYBODY who made a donation gets something special.