Cassandra B. on why you should support CHLY.

Click above and hear from Cass    on why you should support CHLY.

Click above and hear from Cass on why you should support CHLY.

A message from Cassandra:

“Hey there friends. This is Cassandra Blondin-Burt speaking to you from Gabriola Island. I'm here to thank listeners from Nanaimo and around the world for tuning into CHLY 101.7FM and It is because of the support of people like you that stations like this can continue to broadcast local relevant content, giving a voice to our community, and letting us better know each other, real-life content that isn't marred by too much advertisement, and giving us what mass media can't. Events and stories in our every day lives. So let's keep on tuning in and sending support, so they can keep doing what they do best, giving us content as evolving and dynamic as our island community continues to be.”

You can help support CHLY 101.7FM by making a sustaining donation or one time donation at Invite your friends to support us by sharing our donation page with you friends and family on social media, and tell them why CHLY is important to you. Call our Un-Drive Line at (250) 740-1017 to leave a message telling our listeners over the phone why in this era of corporate media, community media matters.

We’re still a ways away from our goal of 250 sustaining donors by the end of our Listener Un-Drive, so please consider signing up to support us for as little as $3.50/month, the price of a cup of coffee these days.

Our work only happens with the generous support of our broadcast community.

PS: Sustaining Donors have a chance to win day passes to the Vancouver Island Music Festival! Sign up before July 5th to be entered to win!

Jesse Woodward
Executive Director
CHLY 101.7FM