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Your last chance to win day-passes for the Vancouver Island MusicFest from CHLY 101.7FM!

It's your last chance to win tickets to the Vancouver Island Music Festival in the Comox Valley! Enter to win by signing up for a $5+/month Sustaining Donation to CHLY 101.7FM. As part of CHLY’s Listener Un-Drive, we have two pairs of complimentary day passes to give away, so your chances are pretty decent, and you support CHLY 101.7FM in doing so!

Donors get an entry in the draw for every $5/month they donate, so someone signing up for $10/month would get two entries. If you’re a current Sustaining Donor, you are automatically entered to win!

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Cassandra B. on why you should support CHLY.

“Hey there friends. This is Cassandra Blondin-Burt speaking to you from Gabriola Island. I'm here to thank listeners from Nanaimo and around the world for tuning into CHLY 101.7fm and It is because of the support of people like you that stations like this can continue to broadcast local relevant content, giving a voice to our community, and letting us better know each other, real-life content that isn't marred by too much advertisement, and giving us what mass media can't. Events and stories in our every day lives. So let's keep on tuning in and sending support, so they can keep doing what they do best, giving us content as evolving and dynamic as our island community continues to be.”

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Be like Wayne. Support CHLY 101.7FM for $5/month!

I really can’t stress this enough—we are listener supported. We don’t lean hard as much as we could on advertising—which I am sure is appreciated—we certainly don’t lean on corporate advertising to pay the bills at the station.

Today we have about 800 or so people on our mailing list who get these emails. Some are current sustaining donors, some are past donors, but most are people who haven’t supported us yet with a small monthly donation.

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