Be like Wayne. Support CHLY 101.7FM for $5/month!

Be like Wayne. Press Play!

Be like Wayne. Press Play!

CHLY is listener supported.

I really can’t stress this enough—we are listener supported. We don’t lean hard as much as we could on advertising—which I am sure is appreciated—we certainly don’t lean on corporate advertising to pay the bills at the station.

Today we have about 800 or so people on our mailing list who get these emails. Some are current sustaining donors, some are past donors, but most are people who haven’t supported us yet with a small monthly donation.

Wayne—see the video above—until recently was one of those people until he realized $5/month was pretty painless, and extremely meaningful to our work. He phoned in to our Listener Un-Drive Line (Call: 250.740.1017 to leave your own message) to tell our listeners the following:

Hi there, this is Wayne. Well maybe ya, you're like me, and you've been listening to CHLY off and on for some time. You know, I've been meaning to donate, but you know, just haven't gotten around to it. Well, $5 a month? Pretty painless. It really is, and you'd be doing a good thing. Helping out community radio is important, it is, and that's why we're listening to it. Ok—thanks! — Wayne.

If 500 of our subscribers all stepped up and donated $5/month (or even $3/month) this June and July, we’d easily raise our $30,000 goal this 2019. If we managed to hit this goal, we wouldn’t have to ask again in the fall, which would allow staff and volunteers to focus on creating great content for you the listener.

This is $30,000 that would pay to support server upgrades for podcasting, help cover important staffing costs to keep operations running smoothly, and give us the foundation we need to continue and grow important programming such as our upcoming Summer Radio Camp for kids, or our Volunteer Training Workshop Program which ran for the first time this year.

So far since our start last week, we’ve had 10 new Sustaining Donors sign on—so we are still far from our goal, and our deadline is July 12th!

Screenshot 2019-06-24 15.21.17.png

You can make a huge difference for our future. Help us succeed in hitting our goal by supporting us and help grow CHLY.

Thank you so much to those who already donate,

Jesse Woodward
Executive Director
CHLY 101.7FM